Cocktail Party

The annual cocktail party was held this year on Thursday, April the 13th.

The cocktail party is a chance to dress up and network among your peers and future peers from the legal profession. Every year the venue changes to showcase a variety of some of Perth’s best locations, and the Cocktail Party is a great way to further your involvement in the law school social scene.

Held this year at The Trustee, a few drinks on Blackstone was the icing on the cake of an event aimed both at networking and enjoying a classy evening with your fellow students. With a DJ ripping out a few solid tunes, and a photographer capturing the event, Blackstone's Cocktail Party provided a refreshing contrast to some of our bigger events. It was a huge success; special thanks to the venue for providing a fantastic event complete with our own legalese-named cocktails (Mrs Donoghue's Ginger Juice was a favourite). 

We look forward to hosting yet another fantastic cocktail party in 2018.