Allen & Overy First Year Mooting Competition

2018 Dates

This competition is run over knockout rounds. Each round is held on a weeknight at UWA.

Round 1
Tuesday 14 August
Thursday 16 August

Round 2
Tuesday 4 September
Thursday 6 September

Semi Final
Thursday 20 September 

Grand Final
Wednesday 10 October

This competition aims to provide First Year Students with an opportunity to develop their legal research and analytical skills, as well as their skills of persuasive argument, in the formal environment of a court.

This competition is run over knockout rounds. Each round is held on a weeknight at UWA. 

The First Year Mooting Competition involves a simulated hearing before an appellate court in which individual counsel argue particular points of law.

The Competition is open only to students enrolled in their first year of the Juris Doctor. The topics of the Moot will be based on the students’ course work, in areas such as Torts, Property Law or Public Law. Students new to mooting are encouraged to involve themselves in Blackstone Advocacy prior to entering this competition.

A simplified version of the King & Wood Mallesons Open Mooting Competition, the focus of the competition is the research and preparation of a List of Authorities and the presentation of oral argument. The First Year Moot Competition differs from Open Mooting in that for Round 1, competitors will present as both Appellant and Respondent.

Mooters will gain immense experience from this competition as they are given the opportunity to advocate for both sides. Mooters will be given one week to prepare, as thorough knowledge of the law is required in their appearances as both appellant and respondent.

For any queries regarding this competition, please contact our Competitions VP Georgina Due.


First Year Moot Competition Rules


Register here. Registrations open until 1 August 2018. 

First Year Moot Grand Final 2018

With special thanks to Allen & Overy for sponsoring the 2018 competition and allowing us to film in their offices. Competitiors in the 2018 Grand Final were Bremer Moore, Benjamin Kruize, Hannah Cowie and Portia Sardinha.