Inter-Varsity Competitions

Inter-Varsity Competitions are an initiative in conjunction with the other Law Student Societies of Perth. Each Society selects representatives to compete against each other in different competitions, including Trial Advocacy and Client Interview, in an effort to increase engagement between the Perth Universities.

2016 Dates

Preliminary Round
Tuesday 17 May

Grand Final
Tuesday 24 May





Each University’s Student Law Society will select one competitor, or team of competitors, to send to the Inter-Varsity Competition, as well as one volunteer, whom may act as a witness in the Trial Advocacy Competition, or a client in the Client Interview Competition.

All Inter-Varsity Competitions will be conducted in a knock-out style, starting at the semi-final stage. The law schools drawn randomly, in terms of who competes against who in the initial stage.

The competitions themselves will proceed in accordance with ALSA rules, which our Blackstone Competition Rules seek to replicate.

Inter-Varsity Trial Advocacy

The first Inter-Varsity competition of the year will be Trial Advocacy. The Blackstone Society will select one competitor to represent UWA at the competition, as well as a volunteer to act as a witness.

The Blackstone Society will select who will compete via a transparent application process outlined below.

Applications closeD

Stage One: Registration

Stage two: Interviews

Short-listed applicants will be interviewed during mid-April. The interviews will be conducted by the Blackstone Society in conjunction with UWA Faculty to determine the suitability of each candidate. The most fitting candidate will be selected at this time to represent the Blackstone Society and UWA in the Inter-Varsity Trial Advocacy Competition.