Australian Red Cross International Humanitarian Law Mooting Competition

2016 Dates

This competition is run over 3 knock-out rounds, each held on weeknights at UWA.

Round 1
Thursday 15 September

Quarter Final
Thursday 6 October

Semi Final
Thursday 18 October

Grand Final
Thursday 27 October

This competition aims to provide students with an opportunity to explore the area of international humanitarian law, as well as develop their research, analytical and advocacy skills in a formal environment.

International Humanitarian Law is the body of law that regulates conduct between opposing sides during times of war or armed conflict. The International Humanitarian Law Mooting Competition involves a simulated trial before the International Criminal Court, in which teams of two counsel represent the prosecution or the defence. The focus of the competition is the preparation of an Outline of Submissions and the presentation of oral argument.

Given the basic knowledge of international humanitarian law required, there is a generous preparation period before the moot and teams are provided with a case list suggesting relevant authorities. The problems concern alleged breaches of international humanitarian law and are designed to reflect actual criminal prosecutions, as well as address emerging issues in the law of armed conflict.

Competitors will receive the question two weeks before Round 1. They will then moot on the same question in future rounds. Competitors may be required to moot as either appellant or respondent during the competition.

For any queries regarding this competition, please contact our Competitions VP Ellie Tapsell



International Humanitarian Law Moot Competitions Rules 2016


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