Alternate Pathway Students 

Who are the Alternate Pathway Students?

The Alternate Pathway Students portfolio represents students across a broad age group. Some have come recently from uni, some have been in business or other fields for a decade or two, some are lawyers in other countries already, most are part time...but not all. We need representation and a community not because we are older, but because we're out of sync. We don't have a "class" that we fit in. And perhaps we’re not able or not inclined to join in the usual social events. But we also have quite a bit that we can offer the "traditional" pathway students. A lot of us have experience (from a wide variety of fields as well as general life experience), we can study and project manage well, we have ties to the rest of the uni and to Perth, we are not likely to be following the internship/graduate program route and as such less likely to be competitive. We can be a great resource. The JD's in particular are different from the "mature age" cohort that you find elsewhere in the uni, who are often doing a first degree, and may not have academic experience, or be comfortable in the uni environment. The job of the alternative pathways officers is to be a voice for the people that aren't in a "class" cohort and that would benefit from some cohesion, and to forge links between us and our traditional pathway counterparts. Ultimately the exchange happens in both directions and we are all enriched by embracing diversity in our lives and opening up our connections and experiences. The role of the Alternative Pathways officers is to actively create opportunities for these connections to happen, to represent these students and their differing set of challenges and additionally to act as a resource to students who identify as following this alternative study pathway.





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