Inter Varsity AMPLA Mining Law Moot

2018 DATES

24 September - Info Session

4th October - Semi Final

25th of October - Grand Final

In conjunction with the Australian Mining and Petroleum Lawyers Association (AMPLA), Blackstone and the Murdoch and Notre Dame LSSs have combined to create an exclusive stand-alone inter-university moot, the AMPLA WA Mining Moot.

The AMPLA Mining Law Moot is conducted in a single round between the universities, consisting of written submissions and then making oral submissions. 

The question is generated by AMPLA with a specific focus on mining and energy issues. Past AMPLA questions have covered questions of State Agreements, native title interaction with mining schemes and breaches of contracts in the mining context.

Teams of three will be selected from each university, one solicitor to assist in the preparation of submissions and two counsel to present oral submissions. At least one member of the team must either have studied a Mining Law Unit, or currently be studying a Mining Law Unit.

We encourage all students to apply, whether you enjoy public speaking and mooting, or like Mining Law and prefer not to speak, or whether you enjoy both!

Information Session

24th September at 5:30pm in the e-moot court


Registrations now open here.