The Aurora Internship Program introduces law students and graduates to career opportunities in native title, land rights, policy development, research and social justice, all with an Indigenous focus. The Program aims to provide assistance to under-resourced and over-worked Native Title Representative Bodies (NTRBs), Prescribed Bodies Corporate (PBCs) as well as to various other organisations working in the sector, including Indigenous organisations, government bodies, community groups and policy organisations.

There are two intakes for interns annually, during the summer and winter university breaks, for four to six weeks, with some timeframe flexibility for graduates. Legal interns can be placed in either the native title or broader Indigenous sector, supporting the legal staff of their Host. Most native title focused legal internships involve native title and land rights-related work, but the work may also cover anything from constitutional law to local government regulations. Internships at organisations in the broader sector could encompass a wider range of issues relating to social justice, policy development, environmental law and Indigenous affairs more generally.

Applications for the summer 2017/18 round of internships will be accepted online via their website between 9am AEST Monday 31 July through to 5pm AEST Friday 25 August 2017.

To apply please visit:

Portia McDonald