WA Police Evidence Based Policing Student Internship Program

WA Police will soon advertised, via Jobs WA, a number of student internships to work within an Evidence Based Policing environment. The Evidence Based Police Unit within WA Police was established over 12 months ago with the aim of reducing demand on policing services by analysing research to identify, implement and evaluate policing strategies to understand what works, what doesn’t and what is promising.

The WA Police Evidence Based Policing internships provide the opportunity for WA university students to undertake unpaid work experience in their field of study whilst potentially gaining credits towards achievement of their degrees. During the internship, students work alongside both Police Officers and Analysts in the innovative Evidence Based Policing space. The internships provide a unique insight into how policing and criminology strategies and concepts apply in a practical environment. The students’ work also has the opportunity to inform and influence.

The Evidence Based Policing Internship program was first offered in 2015 and four Criminology and Law students completed the program. The students participated in projects that involved a range of activities including research, policy review, guideline development, critical analysis and creating option proposals. At the culmination of the internship each student presented their work and findings to a stakeholder audience. Feedback from the students, WA Police and academic supervisors was very positive, with all stakeholders advising they had gained significant value through involvement in the program and the students’ contributions. As a result of the success of the inaugural program, a number of internship will be offered in 2016. The second intern intake for 2016, to commence in Semester 2, will soon be advertised.

The internship opportunity will be advertised on jobs.wa.gov.au http://jobs.wa.gov.au/ on Saturday May 21, 2016. Students can also register in advance to receive a notification of the posting.

The contact person for further information regarding this opportunity is Mr Paul House, Data Analytics & Assessment Manager, Evidence Based Policing on 9263 2337.

Portia McDonald