The School of Law at Murdoch University in Western Australia will be running two exciting undergraduate overseas programs during the Australian winter/European summer break in 2017.


As part of Murdoch School of Law’s global reach, a human rights program of three units has been set up in Geneva, Switzerland. Geneva is synonymous with many of the world’s leading international organisations such as the United Nations, the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, the Red Cross/Red Crescent, the International Commission of Jurists, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, and many others. To address the needs of students in today's global community, we are offering a unique program which focuses on international human rights law and offers Australian law students exposure to the diplomatic and legal fulcrum which is Geneva.


Italy is at the centre of Europe – historically, culturally and legally – due to its vast influence in the formation of European and international law, via Roman law. Murdoch University's School of Law is responding to the changing needs of its students and Australian society, in an increasingly globalised world by offering a three-unit Program centred on European and international law at the Università di Macerata, one of Europe’s oldest universities. Macerata is situated in the Marche region, a beautiful and unspoiled area of Italy, approximately 250 kilometres north east of Rome.

Australia’s place in the global community is one of increasing importance, and with this comes a greater demand for jurists who understand and can operate comfortably between the world’s diverse legal systems and cultures.

The School of Law at Murdoch University welcomes applications to the above programs from Law students throughout Australia.

Further information on the Geneva and Macerata programs is available at:

Portia McDonald