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First Year Representative (Mid-Year) Position

First Year Juris Doctor students can (and should!) get involved with the Blackstone Society, and there are a number of ways to do so, including Academic Mentoring, Blackstone Sports, Blackstone Advocacy, being an associate in our senior competitions and more. 

Each year the Society also holds elections for first year Juris Doctor students to join the Blackstone Committee. These positions offer unparalleled leadership opportunities, exposure to the law school and faculty, increased contact with legal professionals, and the unique opportunity to contribute and influence the future direction of the Society.

The position available

***Nomination Form is at the bottom of this page***

The election process for the 2019 Mid-Year position will commence in the second week of the pre-semester intensive. A brief description of the elected position is below, however you are welcome to discuss your nomination with members of the Blackstone Executive (President and Vice-Presidents) to find out more information about the specific responsibilities and opportunities that each position offers.

The First Year Representative (Mid-Year) will represent the interests of the 2019 mid-year cohort, and will assist with the running of events across Blackstone’s portfolios. At the heart of the role will be a focus upon student engagement and the integration of the mid-year cohort into the wider student body.

The Nomination Process

To nominate for the position, please fill in the form below. Nominees must be financial members of the Blackstone Society, and must be in their first year of law school, either part time or full time.

Nominations Open: Tuesday 23 July 8 am

Nominations Close: Thursday 25 March 2.30pm

The Election Process

Elections will be held at the conclusions of classes on Thursday 25 July (at 2.30pm).

Successful candidates will be announced on Friday 26 July.


  1. Campaigning is strictly limited to a one minute speech immediately prior to the vote being held.

  2. Candidates may nominate from the floor, however, early nomination is strongly encouraged (as nominees from the floor must be “written in” on the ballot paper).

  3. A preferential vote system is used.

  4. Social Media may not be used as a campaign platform at any time.

  5. The 2019 Blackstone Executive is responsible for the Election process, and interpreting and applying these rules. Any act or determination will be final and conclusive, and the Executive is empowered to void a candidate’s nomination.

  6. Further rules may be added at any point with no notice.

If you have any questions, please email Andy at

*Please ensure that you have read the entirety of this page before nominating*

Please fill out the form below to nominate for the position.

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