It is important for law students to avoid academic misconduct as we are required to disclose any misconduct to the admitting authority, and it may affect our capacity to practice law. 

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Where can I ask the Faculty questions about my enrolment?

  • Any questions you have for the Faculty should be submitted via AskUWA here.
  • Alternatively, you can schedule a meeting with the Deputy Dean (Students) Meredith Blake.



What electives are available?

  • The electives available for LLB students are set out here
  • The electives available for JD students are set out here.
  • The class times for all units, including intensives, can be found by searching by unit code here.



How do you enrol in a Masters elective as a JD student?

  • To enrol in a Masters unit as a JD student, you will need to:
    • Fill out a Masters Unit Application form, available here.
    • Alternatively, you can go in to the Law Office with your completed form.



When do I need approval to study more than 4 units in a semester?

  • To study more than 4 units during a semester, you will need to seek approval.
    • To do this, complete a special approval form available here, and bring it in to the Law Office.
    • You may be required to discuss your enrolment with the Dean of Law, Natalie Skead.
  • Approval will be based on your previous marks, which will likely need to be relatively high.
  • Special approval is not required if you study 4 units in a semester, and also enrol in an intensive unit.