The Blackstone Society has recognised the importance of creating conversations about the law with a social justice perspective. The law is about, and fundamentally affects, people. As law students we should be concerned with whether the law is fostering a fair and equitable society. Raising awareness about how the operation of the law may be unfair and inequitable towards the people and causes we care about, from sharks and the environment, to immigrants, asylum seekers, the LGBTI and the Indigenous communities, allows us to ask 'how can we change the law.'

The Ignite Journal is a forum for this discussion and for students, UWA academics, as well as contributors from beyond the UWA community, to voice their concerns about the content and operation of the law. 

If you have something to say and would like to contribute an article to Ignite 2017, we want to hear from you! Please use the form below to express your interest. 

If you have any questions or would like to get in contact with the Ignite team, please email us at equityvp@blackstone.asn.au


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