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The Blackstone Mentoring Program includes both the Women in Law Mentoring Scheme (WILMS) and the Blackstone Mentoring Network (BMN). In 2019, both streams of the Program will facilitate events to connects students and their mentors, provide opportunities for students to network with members of the profession, engage in charitable giving, and provoke an open conversation about the challenges facing legal practitioners.

Women In Law Mentoring Scheme

The Women in Law Mentoring Scheme aims to connect female law students with like-minded individuals in the legal profession, to create ongoing relationships and develop professional networks.  The program aims for these relationships to form the foundation of a support network and a non-judgmental space within which students can seek advice, inspiration, and encouragement from women with experience as legal professionals.

WILMS has ran with great success for a number of years, and has allowed many female law students and legal practitioners to develop lasting personal relationships. WILMS also continues to act as a forum for a frank and open conversation about the unique difficulties many female legal practitioners face.

In April 2019, a WILMS Breakfast will be hosted to allow mentors and mentees to get to know each other in a comfortable and friendly environment. The Breakfast will feature special guest speaker, The Hon. Acting Justice of the Supreme Court of Western Australia Larissa Strk.

Blackstone Mentoring Network

The Blackstone Mentoring Network is a new initiative in 2019, and aims to build upon the success of WILMS in continuing to bridge the gap between students and the profession. All students, including members of WILMS, are invited to participate in the Blackstone Mentoring Network. In addition to facilitating closer relationships between all students and members of the profession, the Blackstone Mentoring Network will enable LGBTIQ+ and Indigenous students to connect with professionals who come from a similar background.

In early 2019, a Blackstone Mentoring Network Sundowner will be hosted to allow mentors and mentees to get to known one another in a safe and welcoming environment.

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