King & Wood Mallesons Open Mooting Competition

2019 Dates

Given the volume of preparation required for mooting, this competition is run over 3 knockout rounds over the course of the year. The Grand Final is held at the Supreme Court of Western Australia.

Round 1
Monday 6 May

Round 2
Monday 29 July

Round 3
Monday 12 August

Grand Final
Monday 26 August

Mooting is a prestigious competition in which UWA has a long history of excellence at national and international levels. The competition aims to provide students with an opportunity to develop their legal research and analytical skills, as well as their skills of persuasive argument, in the formal environment of an appellate court.

The Open Mooting Competition involves a simulated hearing before an appellate court in which individual counsel argue particular points of law which are unsettled or the subject of recent development. The focus of the competition is the research and preparation of a List of Authorities and a brief Outline of Submissions and the presentation of persuasive oral argument. Mooters tend to devote themselves to preparation three days before the moot.

For any queries regarding this competition, please contact our Competitions VP, Alexander Gibson.

New to Mooting? Check out the Blackstone Advocacy Club.

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King & Wood Mallesons Open Mooting 2019 Rules 


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