Witness Examination Competition

This competition exposes students to the rules of evidence and the operation of the court system, whilst developing their skills of persuasive argument and oral advocacy.

The Witness Examination Competition simulates a trial in which one counsel represent the prosecution/plaintiff and the defence respectively. The focus of the competition is examination and cross-examination of witnesses to provide an answer to a particular legal problem, together with the presentation of brief opening and closing addresses. Given this fact-finding objective, no knowledge of the substantive law is necessary, and only limited pre-trial preparation is required.

For any queries regarding this competition, please contact our Competitions VP, Alexander Gibson.


2019 DATES

This competition is run over 4 knockout rounds, held on weeknights at UWA. The Grand Final is hosted in the Supreme Court of Western Australia.

Round 1
Monday 18 March
Tuesday 19 March
Wednesday 20 March

Round 2
Monday 8 April
Wednesday 10 April

Semi Final
Thursday 2 May

Grand Final
Wednesday 15 May


TBA: A minor rules update is pending


Witness Examination Competition Objections and Rules of Evidence Guide


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applications open: 18 Feburary 2019

Applications close: 8 March 2019