Blackstone Society Annual General Meeting

IMPORTANT DETAILS for the 2017 agm

When: Wednesday 11 October

Where: Austin Lecture Hall (Room 159 UWA Arts Building - first floor); 35 Stirling Hwy CRAWLEY WA 6009

Time: 2pm


The Blackstone Society Annual General Meeting is the opportunity for its members to come and hear all that the Committee has been up to over the past year. It is also the occasion where its members vote on amendments to its Constitution as necessary from time to time, and when nominees for the 2018 Blackstone Society Committee Confirm their nomination.

The notice and agenda for the 2017 AGM can be found here. For 2018 Committee nominees, it is important to remember that you have to be either physically present to confirm your nomination, or have a proxy confirm your nomination in your absence. If you are having a proxy, you must email with details on your nomination position, and who your proxy is PRIOR to the open of business of the AGM.

proposed amendments to the 2016 constitution

This year, there will be a vote to adopt a new Constitution. The proposed Constitution to be approved by special resolution at the AGM is below:

Proposed Blackstone Constitution 2017

Changes from the current Constitution are detailed in the notice of the AGM, found above. If you're looking for a copy of Blackstone's current Constitution (adopted October 2016), that can be found here.